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God is Able, so am staAble #Isaac Oyedepo

Finally after a decade and a year on – l  have the courage and words to tell a story  that began eleven  years ago. l can now  share  with the world  what the loss of a precious life( but gain to heaven of course), brought me to a place of peace and hope. It was painful;many a time confusing but l am healed. Suicide was never and can never be an acceptable   way to depart from the living. lts major  causes are not to  be tolerated or deemed normal in any  society. l hope the story of Norah and the two women in her life will encourage, heal and give hope to the hurting and hopeless. Because God is able l became stable- wholeness. l truly pray that Norah’s story will encourage and heal those who have lost or are planning to be the loss. The story of Norah unfolds…..

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Mamlambo!Bongi Ndaba this is your cue to come back

Today l am going to stray a bit from my usual storyline and Norah Hope’s main focus; but not so far. Following the recent ban of Generations the Legacy from the Zimbabwean screens – a blogger got to have a say! Did my native countrymen take it too far or the soapie’s writing team was just plain pushing it?

First and foremost; I watch and enjoy Generations the Legacy. I think they have done a great job after the whole farce and eventual wipe-out of the original Generations. The transition has been ‘clean’ and progressing well l must say. I loved the incorporation of the Diale family. The character Lucy-played by Manaka Ranaka-is just a well executed class act in my own opinion. The Simphiwe love triangle got people talking.Most cried and the hash tag RIP Simphiwe made it rounds on twitter.

What went wrong abi? Life was sweet… LOL. Apparently the trifle started when the soapie  made mention of Zimbabwe as a hiding place for the character Cosmos’s scheming drug trafficking crush..(I can not say girlfriend;we all know how that ended).Most Zimbabweans say that was downright false and offensive; ignoring the fact that the soapie is just fiction storytelling and manly for entertainment purposes.

Norahhope says, the hideout storyline is totally possible! Criminals are found everywhere and can hide even in a church. The writers where realistic with this storyline l judged. We are  practically neighbours and deportation  according to the storyline can be to one’s neighbouring country. At least the storyline acknowledges the geographical relation between the two countries…mmh.

Okay, enough of me summarising the storyline and back to the topic of the day-The ban! Why was Generations the Legacy banned in Zimbabwe? Is there no witchcraft or luck giving snakes/charms kept under the beds in homes across the Southern African  country? Having grown up in Zim,with  Zim parents and Zim neighbours and family-I have heard stories and rumours of people possessing charms and practicing witchcraft for protection purposes of course…mmh.

Maybe witchcraft is a strong word! For creativity and tolerance purposes-lets for now deem the practice -African art! I will be the inappropriate person to testiy on the authenticity of these rumours or reality thereof. However frankly speaking and from my spiritual persepective; I believe the Mamlamos and ‘African Art’ are in existence and many have sought their services and powers for many a different reason.

So was it justified for the soapie’s writing team to make Mamlambo’s roots from the neighbouring country.Why not Limpopo? Writing this piece,am literaly in tears laughing. Its hilarious really-unfortunately l do no share everyone’s sentiments. Though controversial, the storyline got us talking. Charms are sought after by a large majority of people from all walks of life and  races. I think do think  it is unwise to seek charms though. A lot of the time, someone or something must give or die for the charm to work. From my Christian background, the practice is pure evil and demonic.l will not condone its use or ‘noble’ protection purposes.

Good story writing requires both sides of the coin tossed and presented to the audience.Vulnerability is noble and showcases a certain courage but not on some else’s expense-Ethics. If  one decides to reveal deep issues of concern in society, it is always safer to start with your own experience. Let others get inspiration and then compelled to testify of their own encounters.

I truly believe Genaration’s writing team had no bad intentions. They explored a crucial topic that got us reflecting on issues of greed and urges for success. They have managed to showcase the aftermaths of ‘get rich quick’ solutions – Mamlambo got to the point of wanting the blood of the family members….sorry l just had to get in the storyline again.

Moral of the story: Let the writers write- bringing awareness where necessary. However in our writings, lets take note of  the impact of our opinions and fiction depictions  on society. All said and done, Ms Bongi Ndaba, maybe this is your cue to return to Generations.

Heart Matters

I had an awesome time this weekend at a fabulous word infused women’s fellowship meeting. The theme of the meeting was, Wonderfully Complex! Your Workmanship is Marvellous. The colour of the day was pink; of which some well deserving, dress code memo attentive women rocked so well and got the best dressed prize! Congrats to the ever on point sister  Emily-our best dressed winner. Noted! l need a good stylist for our next meeting, LOL.

img-20160221-wa0001.jpgPink is the colour of the heart and indeed our hearts where dealt with. I personally had  a spiritual heart transplant and a heart ‘shift’. The word in Proverbs 4 v 23, advices;

Above all else; guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it comes all matters of life.

Woman or man of God! Not every body deserves a place at your dining table of life. We are commanded to love all but wisdom and discernment is admonished. Bad  company corrupts good manners. Accept  the existence of  falsehood- it was prophesied to come.

 Once the heart is discouraged or offended, decision making can be negatively altered. Destiny is too precious to be put in the hands of  anyone and everyone. Guard your heart with all diligence!

‘Your word have l hidden in your heart, that l may not sin against thee’. Not only is the heart a place where one can safeguard their godliness, it is also a place of peace and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

Since it was a women’s fellowship, emotions and frailness was touched upon- sorry gentleman-but still this post is for you as well. Yes, we are emotional beings and sometimes hurt easily but as born-again spirit filled beings, we must take charge;

Why so downcast ooh my soul, Put your hope in God. Pro 43 v 5

Pastor Anne, our teacher for the day, encouraged us to speak to our souls(hearts) when in dismay, disappointment and discouragement. She told us to speak joy, peace and God’s word to miserable depression triggering circumstances. Proverbs 43 v 5, further explains that despite the down casting of the soul, there shall be praise and worship from the hurt soul.

Pastor Anne taught us an important character trait that every peace loving woman should possess and learn to practice. Thoughts and words are spiritual seeds. When we speak or even entertain negativity;we are promoting the physical manifestation of the feared situation. We are to stop negative thoughts in their inception;declare the word of God concerning us; pray and believe that He is able to turn our situations around.

She further advised against telling and  repeating in detail the happenings of one’s life. Not only will this intensify a bad situation;many a time you are unconsciously giving the enemy ammunition. Pray and tell God! Speak life to your crushed soul! Encourage yourself in the Lord.

Our preacher for the day, then  touched on the biblical  Shumanite woman. I decided to do a little study on this amazing woman and picked up a lot of insight and reasons as to why God continually gave her miracles. Among other notable attributes, she was discerning, caring and hospitable. She rendered hospitality and care to the point of receiving a desired son. She knew it was only by God’s presence (Elisha’s presence) that her dead son could come back to life.

She refrained from telling the ‘the whole world’ of her misfortune; instead she declared and prophesied that, ALL WAS WELL. Her son was died in her arms but she refused to go into depression mode or hopelessness. Elisha upoun seeing her, in his own words said, “For she is in bitter distress”, but this woman’s actions where speaking otherwise. She was hurt, but she refused to let everyone know of her misery -God help us to guard our emotions and refrain from publicizing our personal issues to those who cannot help us. Only Jehovah and His word can bring change and peace. The Holy Spirit is there to comfort and guide. Lord help us to run to you first always. May we receive grace to run to the throne and not the phone when in despair!



The Imagination of Mrs Noah

2015;I had a bit of an obsession with the bible character Sarah. Our panicky yet faith filled mother was the  epitome of  beauty with a touch of diva tendencies. Abraham’s wife had many hurts and shame but she always knew God will remember her and He did. She made a lot of bad decisions and panicked her way into a sibling feud we still witness today but again she knew her God and God favoured her. I love Sarah for her faithful love to Abraham and continual growth in her faith in God. Her character trait is commendable and should be coveted in today’s turmoil world. Hope is not perfection but a need to get to a desired place of peace and happiness. l do hope that this new 2016,we will continue to find the grace to keep going back to our maker until we find that place of total healing and joy.

2016;January the 9th:l added another year and surprisingly  lost some weight, Yeah! l managed for the first time in 11 years to pass the anniversary of Norah’s death- New  year’s eve -without  shedding a single  tear or going into hurt mode. What progress! I never thought the day would come.

So here l am; a new year, a new dress size. What was l going to share on Norahhope since am totally healed??? l have always wanted to keep her memory alive by talking about the amazing person she was and how much she meant to us as a family.How am l now going to tell the story of Norah, when the initial  trigger of writing the blog in the first place was at a place of peace? Then after weeks of deliberations and thoughts of shutting down the blog, it finally dawned to me.

2016; My year of endless opportunities and ‘new beginnings with new meaning’. So my beloved Norahhope followers we are embarking on a whole new chapter . New but still hopeful. l believe last year we dealt with loss, accepting and finding self. This year we are rebuilding and creating. l believe there is so much power in having an positive imagination and seeing a positive future.

However truth be told, we are who we are because of our past-both the bad and the good. We just have to choose to learn from our mistakes and past hurts to make our present and future better-if not exceptional! l will continue to touch on Norah’s experiences but with a sense of building and newness of life.

Okay enough of sounding like a school teacher. Let me introduce you to my latest obsession; Noah’s wife. Unfortunately that is the only title we can give her because the bible never mentions her name. Did the writer forget?? l would like to think not. Sorry Feminism but l truly believe her title as wife is the best and most honourable title befitting her role in becoming the fist ever  Mrs Mother World at the time; the last mother and mother-in-law  standing after the floods.

I have to admit; l have  always read the story of Noah as one of those times where tweaking and all night parties was taken to the extreme and God decided enough!(With a strong West African Pigeon accent I assume), “These people are wicked!” . Father God then did a complete wipe out of the self indulgent and hedonistic generation.

Many thanks to Prophet Makandiwa’s teaching series on the Book of Enoch. l caught so much insight. I saw  God’s perspectives as to why he ‘cleaned out’ earth and saved a handful. l was shocked to realise that almighty’s anger was actually an act of great love and tolerance to the what had became of the beastly carnivorous  generation of Noah.

Today l would rather  not discuss  the moot topic of the existence of the Nephilium  or if the  book of Enoch is an  apocryphal and false . From my own perspective, I  concur with the bible  Jude that the book is worth mentioning and has information that is of crucial importance to any serious Christian who wishes to attain a godly  understanding of  creation, our present and the world to come.

Okay, enough of  theologians arguments  and back to Norahhope’s message of the day. Today l want  to talk about the  faith filled and courageous imagination of a nameless mother, helper and wife-Mrs Noah. It turns out, our imagination is one powerful tool that God gave us to create our desired world. When faith comes by hearing, the next step is to believe and ‘see’ the desired result. Seeing before manifestation requires a creative imagination. That is why  we are encouraged to think on what is good and godly. When meditation comes, imagination creates and manifestation poops- sounds like a fairy godmother fairy tale l know-God’s precepts are that magical!

Back to madam Noah; Am sure the writer did not omit to write her name. I honestly think she played her role of a wife with so much  purpose and accuracy; giving out her name would have been an injustice to her role and her well done duties of a help mate. Apologies feminism, but women we are created as helpmates and when one does the helping in such a quite manner and no bad report aired out, then am sure we can call it a job well done.

Do l think she was timid and weak?? Not at all! This woman played so many roles in her life time. Mrs Obama has nothing compared to Mama Noah! She was a farmer’s  wife, a ridiculed preacher’s wife, an ark builder’s wife(bearing in mind there was no such thing as rain, let alone floods)so lets call her a ridiculed ark builder’s wife. The last mother and mother in-law standing after the floods. Last but definitely not least, a zookeeper!( No record was found of any of the animals eating each other or dying) thus we can safely say she earned her merits in that year long job title.

Her humility , obedience to both God and hubby is commendable. The bible is usually quick to point out a disobedient  character. Though not much is mentioned about her character but l assume since her disobedience  was not mentioned, then she did well .am sure we can judge her faithful because she never left ‘crazy’ Noah and all his absurd and unrealistic instructions. The thing l admire most from this woman was her ability to keep her head together and take up every responsibility presented  to her with excellence.

Mrs Noah was presented almost daily with new circumstances and l believe through the power of her creative motherly imagination, she would always keep her house in order. She managed to keep herself and her  household godly in a time that was deemed despicable by God himself. She brought up godly sons(with the excerption of Cain of course, but guess that was prophecy protocol, what can a mere mortal do, LOL) But she did well.

I might be wrong in my assumptions(Just a little); but l believe Mrs Noah deserves so many accolades if not awards. Noah’s calling to serve God, was made easy by this nameless woman. She could have swayed in many directions and rebelled against him but she choose to remain humble and a faithful helpmate. Am sure she cooked during the ark building days;cleaned and feed the animals during the flood days and creatively built a new world after the flood days. Only a creative strong willed woman can manage so much and still remain sane. l know her husband and children where there every step of the way but we all know it is the strength and daily decisions of mommy that brings daily progress and achievements in a home. Noah was the head but Mama Noah was the backbone that kept the vision alive. Well done Mrs Noah!










Glorious 2016

A little late l know; Happy 2016 to all followers and followers to be of Norahhope. So excited for what the glorious and opportunity filled 2016 holds! 
Please look out for the very first Blog post from Norahhope coming out next week titled, The
Imagination Of Mrs Noah…

Trust issues.

l am of the strong opinion that religion should never be imposed and neither should certain ideologies. l believe rather in a system where one showcases their beliefs and concepts with the hope of a receptive reception . Forced conversions always birth bitter and confused followers who  many a time end up ditching the religion and ideas  inflicted on them. This confused lot usually lack understanding and thus abuse of the doctrines becomes  inevitable.

Sadly we are living in a time where trustworthiness  and acceptable decency has became  a stingy chef’s spaghetti  bolognese – barely there and dry! Grown people  molest children and children steal and lie to  grown people.The  honorable  men of the book have gone horrible. Many  have turned into  money launderers,convicted rapists  and ‘eat a reptile,drink petrol ,give to pastor’ preachers.

Leadership has became a joke.If you are a billionaire owning  a couple of  well do hotels and medically inclined to wear a distinct  hair piece; then you are eligible to be a leader  and run your mouth as your ego directs. Apparently the  wealthy ones can  incite  hate speech and allude war sparking  statements with no regard of fellow humanity or at least  fear of a tarnished reputation.Trump’s  behavior  should not  take us by surprise because men of his calibre have long been in  existence- Nabal of the bible was wealthy but because of his actions, even his own wife called him a fool!

Leadership without a sense  of  empathy for the human race is as  dangerous as  Banting is to toddlers. The two are deemed acts of  tough love and are meant to bring stability and health.However in protecting the other it has been proven that  harm is the costly outcome. l would like to think Trump’s statements are coming from a good place and he means well but at what price? Global Islamophobia? We are all human before we are American,Muslim,African or Christian.

Seems  those who are meant to be trusted have became unreliable and plain untrustworthy. Do we  now live in a paranoia state of mind and expect betrayal at all times.Are we to now  hold back and  refuse   vulnerability because trust will eventually be broken?

Proverbs 29 v 25

Religious or not, it is of one’s benefit and peace of mind to trust the Lord.  l mentioned earlier that l  do not not believe in imposed religion but a neutral  platform where the audience  gets to make a choice to accept or to refuse .Today l want to showcase how trust and belief in the word of God will bring turnarounds and peace in  times where there is no trustworthy confidant  . The word of God say says ,”Blessed is the one who trust in the Lord,whose confidence is in Him”. This simple promise is what makes simple  people  do mighty exploits because they choose to partner with the all knowing  and faithful God.

Our days are evil and finding a confidant can prove to be a strenuous  and almost impossible task. The word trust is  mentioned  in the bible  147 times.Jehovah is  pleading that we trust Him and not our  own understanding  or fellow men. Trust is such an important component in a relationship.The advertising fraternity  abuses this same  word’s virtue so as to increase sells of sometimes harmful products.For any relationship or partnership to work,there has to be trust involved.

Trust in romantic relationships has been violated its even  hilarious.One weekend  two lovers are crying “together  forever” flashing  the bae word all over twitter and snap chat.The next weekend  there is an affair scandal and  a baby mama(or two) claiming bae.Next a twitter war arises and shameful details are thrown  all over social media walls resulting in broken homes and humiliated  spouses. always wonder if it because our generation fails to understand the loyal and faithful part of being in a marriage.Us who have Dr Google:Are we that daft?

Our relationships lack trust and loyalty. Side chicks,open marriages and adultery have became socially  acceptable and part of the marriage dictionary#Nawaoo

God wants us to trust Him and His promises. He says if we trust in Him, we will be safe and no harm shall come near us.Surely the world’s well researched , meaningful policies and new age  ideas  have  failed us.We must return to the promised word and the ‘promiser’ .

Personally,this   year l took up the challenge of putting my  total trust in the word.Initially all seemed lost but  l looked up to God and what he was saying concerning me.l was pleasantly surprised when the word came through and performed exactly what it promised!

l had to teach myself   to trust God and lean not on my own understanding or  world’s standards.It was a new but peaceful journey for my inquisitive soul. l had to constantly remind myself that He is able. He said it!He will perform it! – God proved to be  faithful.  His word will never return to Him void without accomplishing its purpose.

Depression that leads to suicide usually emanates from situations where all hope is lost and and all trust forfeited.I want to encourage someone today to dare to trust God. Him only can understand our needs and our  inner groanings. He will not snitch on us or betray that delicate trust.Let us be mindful however that He also uses men to intervene and help in our cries for help.We must therefore be prayerful and vigilante to watch who is from God and who is an EP(Enemy of Progress,lol).




Mommy dearest…

Currently  the world is going through  perturbate  times.Terrorist psychosis  has worsened.Hurried retaliations are proving to threaten world peace .All manner of crazy  analyses as to why are just being  recklessly  thrown all over the media and social networks.Nonetheless!  With a dismissive smile in my heart!Today, Norahhope will ignore all the chaos and Charlie Sheen’s HIV status- just to tell you a beautiful story of one amazing  lady.

Proverbs 31 woman. Two words and a two letter  number to describe Norah’s mother. Yes she got up before dawn,literary  made linen for her household  and sold most for profit. She  went so far searching for ‘food for family’ that Norah and her little sister barely got to spend time with her. Nonetheless her two daughters and only  son still arose and called her blessed!

l rarely   talk about Norah’s mother who was also my  mommy . My reasons are not of  fear of  unsettled emotional attachments or some  hidden  psycho  childhood trauma.l just dislike  talking about her.l or should l say my siblings and l;had a very happy childhood because of our mother.She cooked, pampered and loved us dearly. A  very good mother in my opinion.She did not  spank much but she taught us respect and how to be  acceptable human beings among other humans(l hope that sounds proper,LOL)….But seriously; she always said..”Act like a human being”. So yes! An acceptable human among other humans is a proper sentence with a proper meaning and valuable life lessons.

She passed away when l was 12 and Norah was 16. The only  12 years l spent with her  taught me most of my adult morals that   l live by today. When she was on her death bed;She gave me the   amazing privilege to say my goodbyes and told me to make peace with her dying.That is how purposeful and graceful   our mommy dearest was.

l guess now y’all see why l dislike talking about her. She is a closed but important chapter in my life.She came ,she conquered and she departed.l say this with utter peace and loving remembrance. Though hers was a rather early  departure,l think she ran her course well and bravely too.She vehemently  worked her purpose in life with diligent hands(….another proverbs 31 woman trait). She  imparted such a resilience spirit in her offspring that one decided to share it with the world.

My mom was one strong willed  and ‘let dem talk’  woman.l am not  just saying that because she was my mother.She lost her  sole provider husband at only 33. She managed to start a cross border  business and send her three young children to school and fend for a household alone. She fought a disease that was incurable and over come society shaming, leaving  her house in order. ln my smallness and innocence l still remember the conversations she had with many who advised her otherwise. Some recommended she sent her children away to the in laws and   remarry . Some thought she will never sustain a business in the early 1990s of Zimbabwe’s ‘harsh’ economy – Hahahha not knowing the country’s economy was actually at its peak seeing the  now- but let us not go there!… (Still laughing though)

Clara,my mother’s name means  brighter or clear in Latin.She indeed was a dreamer who  dreamt clearly and saw a bright future. She refused to give up no matter the circumstance . She lost most of  her inheritance from hubby due to a lot of squabbles from the courts and culture requirements that she refused to adhere to  for the sake of her children.She worked from scratch to send her oldest,12 at the time,and youngest 5 to school.Her children where the warmest and well equipped students  at school. They all  inherited her chubbiness, so yes, they where also the fattest.

l do not remember ever seeing my mom cry or in a state of hopelessness.Truth be told-that  sister really had it together! l am sure she did cry in her private space or in the presence of other adults,but never in front of her  children.  She managed to bring herself to a complete state of wholeness becoming my role model and hero long before l even knew she was. This woman taught me that success is at everyone’s finger tips and not only the educated can partake of it. Her tribulations where too much for  middle aged rural born woman, but she was courageous,purposeful and hardworking.

l am not only  telling Clara’s story because she was amazing and deserves it, nope.l am also telling her story that we can draw strength and know that the impossible  can be achieved and better days always come. She passed away worrying  that her ‘babies’ where still very young,not knowing her efforts had tremendously impacted their adult lives in a positive way .l applaud my mother.Most who know her fierce courage and positive mindset  applaud her too.

She trusted God and always told us to trust Him when all else fails. We where not fully converted Christians at the time but we knew God had our back.All things work together for good for those who love the Lord.

Psalm 124 2

Norahhope lesson of the day:

May we see light and God in ‘dead’ situations. May we trust Him when all seems lost  and impossible.Whist we trust;let us   do our best with what we have . Hard times,sickness,death ,humiliation, ISIS,poverty and all negative  issues of life  do not define who we are. My bible says we are more than conquerors with  no weapon foamed against us  prospering! God is on our side and His  wonders will  He faithfully perform.







In my language we have a saying, kusatenda huroyi (Ungratefulness is witchcraft) – Crude but true.

Today marks exactly 5 months since l started the blog,Norahhope. The response has been overwhelming. My stats grow each day and with  every post. My precious readers;you are  most appreciated! l am most grateful for your following of my blog and feedback. Your comments and ‘Likes’ have really made a difference in my telling of the  story  of Norah.

All over the world you guys have followed Norahhope and l am truly thankful for your support. l even have  a faithful following  in Bahrain ! Many thanks to those who have shared my thoughts on their own sites and different blogs.The fight to save lives and bring hope to an overwhelmed world still continues- God of mercy is still on the throne!.

Whats next for Norahhope?

More encouragements and insights of how to live a happy and fulfilling  life after loss or during grieve. l will touch more on Norah’s journey,her mother and the effects  her death had on her family. l  will dwell more on inner strength ,living victorious and happily even after the worst has  occurred.

Again l say thank for your support,Ndatenda!



A man and his gift.

A super wise man once  observed that a man gift’s makes room for him. He further observed that the  same gift also enables the man  to stand  before great people and be presented with  great opportunities.Still profound;was the fact that  the very same gift   makes him a conqueror and easily  ushers the man  into great wealth.

l maybe pushing it too far  by adding another dictionary definition to my post today, but hey; l really want to hit it home with this one. So the dictionary meaning for the word  gift is,  (…apologies again for sounding like a school teacher),” A thing given willingly to someone without payment”

Sometimes my own dreams felt a bit far-fetched. l will always revert to carefully observing and  drawing inspiration from  the stories of people who have risen from rags to riches –  attaining way more than they even bargained for. These are people despite  so conjunctive  circumstances managed to do incredible  endeavors  and  change the perspectives and norms of society.These folks managed to  even change long-standing stereotypes.

One distinct common denominator that elevates  these individuals in their different lives ,is   a simple discovery they all made – they discovered their gifts! Of course in my faith we would like to take it further and call it divine assignment or destiny; today l will just simply stick to gift.

A gift is given to every man – Ephesians 4 v7-11. Looking at the stats of the world wealthiest and most influential : We find scholars, musicians , preachers, footballers, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, actors, comedians and of course writers we make that list – #smiling

Norahhope’s main objective for today is encouragement:

Sometimes life can seem so unfair. Frankly speaking: life can never be fair- it owes you nothing! Once you fail to recognize your gifting and purpose,life can lead you  to no man’s land and still leave you wandering how you got there and why?.

There are  principles to be followed and self searches to be done by all. In  my few/many…(depending on who wants to know) years on earth, l have seen how gifts have opened doors for the simplest of folk. When a gift is  in operation; there is an  ease in the flowing of events.Wholeness and total fulfillment  easily settle  in place.

Money is not a gift – rather lets call it a necessary  gift enhancer- which brings the gift into effectiveness and comes with the success of the gift.That is why even the wealthiest can die unfulfilled and bitter if they merely existed with only money and they never found their gifts and utilized them.  Money can open access to a lot of things . All its privileges can seem vague and worthless if the owner of it lacks fulfillment from an internal wealth – a gift.

l just love the South African comedian Trevor Noah. Maybe my kind of love is a bit overboard –  those dimples and that perfect skin how can one hate?Perfection is meant to be loved right? LOL.

Okay, back to the gift and business of the day.l really admire the brilliant and cunning  entertainer. He discovered, cultivated , believed and worked damn hard at  his gift.

TTTrevoh Trevohl  came across a 2012  Roast of Steve Hofmeyer online and it was brutal. Noah  was the host and his gift was well sharpened for the ‘chow’ at hand.

The event itself was a circus and emotions ran wild. B words and k words flew but with so much humour l almost forgot the words where taboo. The  fellow roasters present where  also supposed to be funny- unfortunately some where not amusing at all (..Maybe because Trevor was so sharp with his comments,they lost their funny bone).

Trevor’s brilliant articulate  jokes and every comment showcased a well thought out ,rehearsed , planned and researched comic art. Though the show was a first in South Africa; the reception and appreciation it got from all over the world,it was so easy to see that Trevor Noah the comedian was just an international phenomenal waiting to happen.

The young man who growing up was once deemed an abomination due to his mix race roots;has become quite a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment  industry. His observations from growing up in an apartheid South Africa and realizing his gift of being a good analytic and finding humor in the most absurd of cases,has seen him being presented before great men and having a great platform to showcase his gift .Him taking over The Daily Show from  the legendary, Jon Stewart,shows cases strong  character and not just a man making jokes but a man changing perspectives and norms.

A lot of work goes into making the gift work for man. Determination , faith in self , a vision for the gift ,planning and believing the plan and  investment in perfecting the gift. There intelligent and gifted people who are poor and desolate. The gift alone cannot excel- it requires constant nurturing.

King David in the bible encouraged himself when tribulation came and when he felt lost. Today’s post is also encouragement to myself.l have harbored a lot of gifts and l think it is about time l start cultivating and pressing what my destiny holds for me.l will use the christian  words for gift – divine purpose or destiny. l hope in my small little way;somebody will also do the same and pick up their gift and make their  dreams come true. The whole world and great men are waiting for us!


Going back to Eden…

Atheism is a lack of belief in God or supernatural beings according to most dictionaries and  scholars of the English language.

Norahhope is a platform for healing, encouragement, humor, love ,healing and hope according to ChenaiChenny( LOL,just had to clarify )

Why l decided to start today’s post with  defining a mindset/religion and a concept?…. hopefully my next few  paragraphs  will shortly explain.l was privileged to be  part of an outreach program   tagged ‘Operation rescue’ by  our church,Winners Chapel in Wynberg South Africa. We went out as a church to the community;  sharing  the word of God , offering much-needed free skills to the youth and  distributing food parcels to those in need.

It was the most fulfilling experience even though my body ached for days to come – the rescue lasted a full seven weeks of everyday prayers,outreach and long hours  in church. l enjoyed every second of it ! People’s lives were tremendously touched. Most  received Christ as Lord   and many enrolled for the skills programme: Taking one positive step towards their near future.

However in the midst of all the accomplishments and amazing people we met during the outreach,l also encountered an interesting group of people. Not being stereotypical or racist in any way,the Black race is the most religious of all races. There has being a lot of debate on whether this is a good or bad thing.Some have even called our religious tracts  as a form of  slavery mentality:Meaning Black people  cannot function without some sort of authority over them.

l will not make my discussion today about race or religion.l will  just narrow it down to what l know and live by-Christianity and what healing it offers to the world . The group of people l encountered, for lack of a better word,lets call them “converted atheists” .This group of  precious individuals   have  an interesting notch and similarity to them.Most, if not all have been Christians before.Some grow up in  households governed by it . Many where even Christ  fanatics and ‘fire fire’ Christians back in their  days.

l was perplexed by their loss of interest in the religion.Why the  transition? Demons! The love of the world !  laziness!.. All these judgmental thoughts will fly in one’s mind but is it the reason really? Somehow  Christians have became  known to being  poor, lazy to think,  bitter, unforgiving , hateful….quite bluntly just   to put it in simpler terms – FAKE! Unfortunately  l have seen this type of Christian and with the hype of  some pastors claiming to heal life’s misfortunes by sucking women’s breasts,such allegations end up looking almost  true.

l may be coming off as contradictory and confused about my own faith – l am not. l am agreeing with some facts but that is not the reality of Christianity at all.The walk of faith is a walk of power , exploits  and love. Christ’s  life and death empowered us and made us victorious. He left us His name,blood, teachings and a new future/present ( Eden). Christianity is a religion of power;

  • Romans 1 v 16        –       It is the power of God at work
  • 2 Timothy  1 v 7       –      We are given the spirit of power
  • Ephesians  3  v 20    –   Now to Him who is able to do  far more abundantly far more than we can think or ask for, According to the power at work in us.

The power of God heals, brings joy, comforts , empowers for  wealth , leads and teaches. However they  are principles to be followed and work to be done. True  Christianity truly pays and has proven to be profitable and fulfilling.The requirement  is a genuine heart to follow  all commandments , total repentance ,total trust and faith in Jesus.

l have seen the power of God transforming circumstances, mindsets , broken bodies and financially  wretched individuals. Eden was a place where a man had purpose – He worked, worshiped, dominated, owned , loved and was loved. Woman also had quite a bliss – she was honored, loved , listened too and not abused.

The whole drama and deceit that ruined this initial Eden gave way to our now new Eden! Christianity is  offering  and delivers this life of Eden. In  the midst of a turmoil 21st century, God is promising peace, protection( greater than the witness programme of any nation) , honor and much more.

l am not saying there will not be hassles and problems. They will be,in fact the bible warns that ‘many are the adversaries of a righteous man but God delivers him from all’ . I think the new Eden actually has better benefits because we are better equipped and our victories are sure.

To my fellow people who were  claiming conversion from Christianity to atheism l pray may God reveal His faithfulness and benefits to you. l sympathies because many follow  false teachings  and end up living in frustration thus denying the power of transformation in  the word of God.Maybe none of them will read my blog but l was touched and l surely hope that hope and healing will find them and bring truth in their lives….

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